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Workflow of implementation of riding surface by using chopped geotextile is not difficult. It is necessary to keep following instructions to make the implementation correctly.

  1. At first you have to import sand and adjust the riding surface depth to about 100 to 120 mm.
  2. The geotextile material is divided into two portions. The first half is evenly distributed over the riding surface and incorporated into the sand by best agricultural machine. This process can also be done manually by using the shovels.
  3. The second half of the material is incorporated in an identical manner.
  4. Finally, the entire riding surface is oversprayed by water and rolled flat.

This procedure achieves optimal mixing of geotextile and sand and ensures perfect and safe working conditions for both horses and riders.

TIP: Before the winter season, it is recommended to spray the riding sruface by water and to add salt to it.

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